Currently Coveting: Big Blue.

I'm a white walls kinda lady. 

I've done the grey, I have a pretty big crush on this taupe. But that is as far as my neutral lovin painters hand will let me roll. Don't get me wrong, I love color on walls. Just not mine. Until. My heart was seized and I fell hard hard hard for...blue. Odd. So not my normal business. But taste changes and evolves and mine, I know, is ever changing. I want an office painted in this shiz so badly right now. With some gorgeous wood desk and lots of vintage touches. It's fun to play it as a neutral because, well, it kinda is. What color doesn't go with it? Nada. I am big into blue and black these days. My work wardrobe consists of a lot of mixing of these colors (I work for a very conservative company. All of that lovely neon that is exploding in Bloomingdales right now? I wish.). And I'd love to bring the mix into my house. 

I have thoroughly investigated all rooms as possibilities but it just won't work with what I've got going on right now. BUT. I've been tempted to paint my closet for years and, although I hesitate because I don't know how much longer we will be there, I might have just hit my limit on tolerance for my ugly renter-cream-tan-with-the-most-horrible-hint-of-orange closet. How much more fab my clothes would look in a shimmery blue closet. How much more pulled together would I feel in the morning? Like getting dressed in a jewel box. And surprising for a perfectionist like me, my closet is super unexciting. 

Only problem? I hate painting. And my husband swore to me up and down after our last painting sesh that he would no longer be participating in my shenanigans. Fuck. I don't know. I'm still tempted. Now that I'm a free woman I can imagine myself devoting a night or two to beautifying. 

Some inspiration to get me off my ass.

Elle Decor

 Jeanette Whitson

Thom Filicia

 Lilly Bunn

Miles Redd

And the colors I'm choosing between: 


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