Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.8.

I have to say-I'm particularly enjoying my house at the moment. Perhaps it's the having nights off after so many manymanymanymany years of working them. There is just something so lovely about coming home to it after a day of work, lighting some candles and getting to work in the kitchen. It is so properly amazing. All of the things that have bothered me about the apartment don't bug me so much anymore. 

Or, at least they didn't. Until I saw this abode with it's dark floors and built-ins. And then I started obsessively thinking about how much better our furniture would look if it sat on dark wood floors. How much more rich it would be, saturated. Always had my heart set on an old Victorian, if you remember. This one would do just fine. A little different than what I usually dig into but gosh, it is pretty. Best is last-check out that bathroom. 

The built-ins. My goodness.

 The hardware on the doors.

 Such romance.

 Wood floors in a bathroom are one of my life long lusts. Add a door and I could happily dip in that tub for hours a night listening to the cicadas. 

 Home of Leah Fraser and David Shrimpton


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  1. I love your house and the way you decor it its really great inspiration to all those who are decor lovers including me.It's really difficult to choose the furniture and make it go with the other household accessories ,you did really a fabulous job!


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