Stun This.

Mercury is in retrograde if you were born a Cancer. This is what my boss told me yesterday. And then the pieces crumbled a bit. Shit is out of whack up in my world. Including a computer that has become possessed by a crazy trackpad. I literally cannot even move my little Apple arrow by myself. The Ghost of Mercury Retrograde has taken over and is opening and closing apps faster than I can blink. A trip to the Genius Bar is upon us. 

The world feels weird today. End of the month and the beginning of a month I am dreading. Such is life. Grateful that I have a husband who can make me laugh. Grateful for the beating sun. Grateful for my heart, that still keeps humming along despite the ache.

Have a good weekend my beauties. Maybe there might just be a little surprise up in here Monday...stay tuned. 



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