Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Tables.

In my spare time, when I haven't been at the design center or obsessively trying to find spoilers for The Bachelorette (I honestly cannot handle the suspense-Brooks, what the hells bells is going to happen with you?) I have been busy sourcing for an e-design client in Southern California. She has an open concept living and dining and I am having so much fun putting together her space. After working on a plan and starting to envision her living room I knew that I wanted to use a reclaimed wood cocktail table. And, wow, I found some gems out there in the design world! I've been a little over the reclaimed wood shiz but I am feeling these tables, especially in an interior that is a little more clean and modern. 

My top four: 

Numero uno, perfectly undone and simple.
The detailing in the top here is the stunner.

So different than anything else out there right now, really has a completely original feel.

For client's who are a bit eclectic and artsy, a total statement piece.


Wait, Seriously: Emmanuelle Alt.

Massive huge humongous girl crush here. I spotted a picture of a haircut weeks ago and immediately got on the texting to my hair man asking if I could sport the look. He responded with a quick "Yes!" and I am going in next week. It prompted me to do a Google search on the stunning cut in question and I landed in a whole new-to-me world of fashion icon. 

Emmanuelle Alt is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and if I occasionally dug my nose into something other than Elle Decor I would have probably known this a bazillion ages ago like the rest of you. Her style is flawless and nailing to a tee the minimalist chic look I have been drawn to both in fashion and interiors as of late. I am so over the patterned fussiness right now. All of the neon and polka dots and fluff. It's cute for a minute and I briefly consider embracing the trends. Then I step away and realize that that is just not me. At the end of a day, I crave simplicity. So, whatever. I'm stocking up on skinnies, black sweaters and a pointy heel for the rest of my life. Oh, and blue button downs. 


Happy Almost Weekend {You Can't Come Soon Enough}.

My dream New Orleans bedroom. This is pretty much exactly how I picture my future.

Happy happy that today is Friday. I have had a crazy ass two weeks. And I have decided that Fridays from here on out are going to be a day to think of one thing I am terribly grateful for. Because there really are a lot of them. I just lose sight of them in the hullabaloo sometimes. It has been an oddly emotional week for me and I want to spend the next few days hanging out with my two favorites and numbing myself to the world. Some days it feels as if the big G himself is laughing at me from up there, for all of the years I gave him the middle finger from my fathers church pews. Still working real hard on that grace part.

But today I am going to put all of that behind me, or to the side, out of my brain. And be grateful for just one thing: the delight of opening my email every morning and seeing inquiries and proposal requests for design projects. I have several new e-design clients and a handful of Tastemaker projects coming due this next month and the sheer excitement of designing for people has not worn off one bit.
Hey! You people out there who read this blog and then decide you want me to decorate your house? You are the best! 

Have great weekends dahlings. 


Pack Me Up and Move Me In 1.9

"I am a fetishist when it comes to objects. Every area is a shrine for me. I need things around me that hold energy and have history."
-Michael Reynolds

This is take your breath away beautiful. It literally brought tears to my eyes. As you know, I love a collected look. There is nothing that speaks to me more than seeing a home filled with special objects that all have stories, and histories. Without these things it really is just a house. The owners, Michael Reynolds and Eric Hoffman, really wanted to speak to the rich memories of the apartment, which was a family heirloom. They made it their very own tenement museum and it is filled to the brim with treasures for the eye. 


Currently Coveting: Tribal Shell Necklace.

I have been seeing these around everywhere lately and am now officially dying to add one to my living room. Right on top of my new media console would be just spot on. I love nothing more than interesting vintage finds that add layers and textures to a room. These necklaces are a great statement piece, don't you think?

Any guesses which one is my fave? 


I Got A Kindle, and Other Exciting Life Stories.

Wait, I know you are going to laugh at me for being so pleased with my new purchase that everyone else has had for years. But if you could have seen how delighted I was when I opened my mailbox to see the little flat black box containing my Kindle you would have no choice but to also be filled with glee. 

Remember? I used to be a huge reader. My mother read to me every single night (well, probably not really every single night but in my certainly convoluted memory it was every single night) growing up. I actually remember her reading to me when I didn't feel well or was heart-broken much later in life. It is one of my fondest memories of my mom and I. I wrote about wanting to become a big reader awhile back but, honestly, it didn't really stick. I ended up having quite a busy and life-changing year. I got a bunch of design work, I changed careers and jobs, I got married, I became obsessed with online infertility forums, and blogging...don't even get me started on how much blogging will take you away from the actual written word. The amount of time I spend online looking for inspiration, images, whatever, is ridiculous. 

But I am entering into a different phase now, I can feel it. I have settled down a bit. I am much more content to NOT be running myself into the ground. Some of my goals for this year are all about being a better homebody. Cooking, making babies, getting a puppy. Returning to my voracious reader days is right up there on that list. 

Justin is on the brink of a restaurant opening in the next two weeks. If you aren't familiar with the restaurant industry this basically means that I won't be seeing my husband for a few months. Zero days off. I'm dreading it a little bit mostly because I know he is going to be tired to the bone and have not much left for me at the end of those very long days. But it seemed like the perfect time to figure reading back into the schedule. So with a lovely Amazon birthday gift certificate I bought myself a Kindle. Instant gratification. I already have a list a mile long of recommendations and things I can't wait to start.  The new Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling is downloaded and ready. 
I am very, very excited. 

Now that I have you guys on the edge of your seats with that thrilling news...I'll fill you in on the rest of my weekend. Friday night I went to a lovely birthday dinner with my girls at Park Tavern. It is a rare occasion to get the four of us at one table these days and I was pretty obsessed with every moment. Times are changing and I know that those occasions are about to become even more rare so I am grateful for those few hours to catch up on life and drink wine. 

Saturday we headed out to Antioch, where I will recommend you never head out to for any reason other than to pick up a very cute puppy, or to give yourself a quick attitude adjustment about how great your life really is. It was hotter than Hades and super depressing. Apologies if any of you readers live in Antioch and think it's the bees knees. Good on you. But it certainly is not. The animal shelter had me on the verge of tears as those things do. And our sweet little Tiffany Rooney had been adopted mere hours before (damn that wine headache that kept me in bed the extra hour). Her adorable sister Bones had not been adopted hours before though so we hopped in the car to go swoop her up from her fancy pants PetSmart showing. 

She was so cute sitting there in her cage at the entrance. Until I took her out and the biting began. I am a serious dog lover folks. Like, obsessed. But little Bones Rooney had something evil in her and I couldn't shake it. She bit the s*&t out of my arm, my sweatshirt, my hands. If I felt like it was something we could train out of her I would have probably still given her a shot. I just couldn't shake the feeling that she was just, well, mean. It took me all of two minutes to put her back in her cage and walk out, empty handed. Both super sad to be heading home puppy-less especially after a morning that started with us finding out, yet again, that my uterus remains empty. 

What is a girl to do but go drink some margaritas, eat some tacos and then get on the couch with her dog, this month's design magazines and some Scandal? Which is precisely how I spent the rest of the weekend.

And since you probably want at least one pretty thing to look at today, here you go:



Currently Coveting: A Few Things Black.

I'm going through one of those consumerist phases. Guaranteed whenever I put my mind to us sticking to a very strict budget or musing about how I don't need anything but love something(s) will pop up on my radar (Pinterest) and hop in my ear and start whispering about how much I need it. And I daydream about said object at work, in the car, I picture myself wearing it when I'm on the treadmill. I imagine either how fabulous I will look, or how fabulous my house will look. Those are all of the things I covet: things for my closet and things for the rooms that are outside of my closet. It is pretty cyclical and I go through phases. I'm in the middle of the "things for my closet" phase and I could go on and on about what I want to add to it right now. 



This post is about something else that I saw somewhere. And it has nothing to do with my closet. This one is really whispering to me right now. Loudly. 

"Look how gorgeous I am. I would probably make everything in your life oodles better if you had me hanging in your living room, right up there over the sofa. Psst. Buy me."

 The whispers are pretty convincing. And I might make the jump if there weren't plans in the works to take a wee road trip to Antioch this weekend to shell out several hundred bones for this: 

Way better, don't you think?

Have a great weekend. Wish us luck that this little rooney is still there, and hasn't been whisked away by the puppy thieves. 
Over and out. 



I'm going to keep it simple today, on this first day of my 35th year of life. 

I'm not normally a goal setter. Or rather I am, I just don't write them down, or say them out loud, or make resolutions or anything of that sort. But I have a lot of goals for this year. Many, many, many, many goals. 

+Finish Autocad and be working for a design firm, or for myself as a designer by this time next year (check to the first part of that, just registered for fall semester today). 

+Take a honeymoon to somewhere neither of us has been before (Italy, Morocco-I'm dreaming of you). 

+Go back to Hawaii, just to lay on the beach and take walks in warm night breezes. 

+Start reading lots of books again. 

+Resume my long lost Ashtanga practice, not for my body but for my soul. 

+Start cooking delicious, intentional food during the week. By myself. For my husband. 

+Stress less about money. 

+Stress less about everything. 

+Whittle down my wardrobe to only completely chic and lovely things. 

+Make a baby. If not have one, at least #pleasegodinheaven let me have one in my belly by this time next year. 

+Move out of this city. 

+Buy a house and renovate it. 

+Start concepting a retail storefront to do my design work out of.

+Get another dog.

All of these things. I want them. Some of them I can control, some I certainly can not. 

But as I sit here on the eve of the end of 34 I know that the only goal that I truly have my eyes on for 35 is to finally grasp life as a journey, and not as a destination. All of these moments that I push through to get to the next? I don't want to live like that anymore. I thought I would enter into 35 kicking and screaming. And part of me is, for sure. But the other part of me is gliding into it smiling. Because I love the life that I have made for myself. 

All of it. 


From The Desktop.

Another weekend come and gone. Such a lovely, lovely weekend, really. We headed up north with a car chock full of friends and babies to housewarm the sweetest little home perched up on a hill in Inverness. It was all open space and windows and fresh air. Oysters on the grill, bottles of rose in huge ice buckets, lazy afternoon conversations with neighbors. It makes me smile to see friends I have known through some very hard times find their home, and their happiness. 

And now I am sitting on my sofa, a cold glass of wine on the table, a whole chicken roasting in the oven and a delicious farro salad from this gem of a cookbook waiting to be dressed. Going through my desktop clutter. De-cluttering. I am all, all about simplifying these days. Bare bones. Sparseness. Having only what you need.

Beautiful decay.

 All black everything. The most perfect. This is what I'm aiming for in my current uniform. Black. Gold. Totally chic. That menswear belt is killing it. 

 For the someday dream cabin.

Being 'in the country' this weekend made me so hungry for doors that can be flung wide open, and windows with no dressings, nothing to hide from the nosy neighbors across the stairwell. 

For the symmetry and simplicity of it all. I totally adore this. 

Gah. Heaven.

Doesn't this just look like the best possible scenario? I am dying for a vacation. Dying.

This image reminds that this is all you really need. Someone to leave the porch light on for you. 

 I'm not one for super modernist structures but something about this strikes a chord with me. It is so spot on in that setting.

 Remain Simple (btw. best tumblr out there. she's something ridiculous like 16, and she is gonna sick things in her life)
Having my friend in town last weekend made me filled to the brim with renewed homesickness for my dear New Orleans. I have been longing for it ever since. This house reminds me so much of the homes there. It really is the dream. 

Bleh to the carpet. Yeh to the rest.


Saturday Stunner.

So. It's my last Saturday of being 34. Don't ask me how I'm feeling about this momentous occasion. It's not all positive. Standing here on the brink of 35 and I'm already flipping it the bird. 

Let's just say that I really want this for my birthday: 

Instead I will be treating myself to a procedure to check my tubes.

At the totally reasonable price of 2000$. 
Middle fingers all around. 
But I am spending the day today with some of my very favorite people and I plan on making this final Saturday of being in my early thirties as love-filled as possible. So many changes swirling around I just want to take a day to be grateful for my life, because I am very very blessed indeed. Two people were shot and killed a block away from where I work yesterday. I was rushed out of the bank so that they could lock the doors to the shooter who was on the street. My heart skipped a few beats, but then it resumed it's normal activity. And two people's hearts did not. 

So lucky to get to wake up today and see the sun, and have a coffee, and snuggle in bed with my family. Hope you are all doing the same. 


A Kitchen.

Happy end of the week y'all. Not gonna lie it was a doozy. I went into the week so extremely relaxed and rejuvenated and am heading out of it winded and ready for a cocktail. One of those. I've been in a bit of a blogger slump, unclear on what I want to focus on, more tempted to curl up on the sofa with an Elle Decor than gather my thoughts at my kitchen table. I'm a bit bored of blogs right now, I admit. They are all the same these days, and I'm feeling it. B O R I N G. And I don't want mine to be boring too. But I was pounding away at the gym tonight and had several revelations on that uphill treadmill. I'm in a really good space-things are very clear to me. What I need to do and how to do it, my weaknesses (oh, they are a-plenty), my strengths, what I do and do not want out of all of this, learning that saying 'no' sometimes is certainly the best answer, even if it seems like I should be saying 'yes' to everything. The treadmill is good like that. Lots of answers come when Kanye is rapping away in your ear. 

I just wrapped up work on a kitchen design for a client and thought you pretty littles might like to see it. 


I love it. That industrial white enamel pendant lighting stole my heart. I used two of them over the island on old rusted chains and I am seriously considering just going ahead and buying two for myself for that someday when I get to design my own kitchen (lord have fucking mercy-what a grand day that will be). In love. 

I did decide after this kitchen though that the next kitchen I tackle I am doing something NOT WHITE. Too many white kitchens out there right now. So, if you're up for the challenge, hit me up: therusticmodern@gmail.com. I will snazz your kitchen right up, no white cabinets allowed. 


The Perfect Bachelor Pad: Jute Home.

Well. Hey there. The computer is back up and running and I am back up and running. Had the most delightful of weekends with an old and very dear friend from New Orleans. I hadn't seen her in almost four years and I was slightly anxious that there would be space between us. But the moment she stepped out of the airport it was like no time had passed and we spent the next four days laughing, eating, drinking and climbing urban hills. At this stage in my life I have such gratitude for these lovelies. 

We spent most of yesterday recovering and lounging around watching The Good Wife. Now a new fresh week ahead. I have been going to acupuncture for my infertility and Monday nights I come home  blissed out and relaxed. Rather than take advantage of it by trying to cram work in I've been doing what feels best and rolling with it. Relaxing. Even if it doesn't help us make a baby I highly recommend it anyway. Awesome. 

I was perusing the web today and went over to check in on my old hood, Jute Home. Alison is extremely talented and I love seeing whatever she is doing next. Always such a level of perfection and attention to detail. I had seen this project before and felt kind of meh about it. But I saw it through some new eyes today. The kind of eyes that get your blood pumping with excitement about design, and about people who are doing things differently. Now I can't stop staring. 

I am virtually obsessed with the neutral palate and focus on texture rather than the use of big, playful patterns that seems to be so in vogue right now. So clean and restrained. It manages to be soothing yet chic and modern. I am almost positive that it's a bachelor pad and really, who wouldn't be tickled pink to come over for a second date dinner in this place? 

 +the consistent use of tone on tone
+oh, and the light makes my heart flutter

 +Love the height of everything in here, all low, this is a very original thing here. Pshh those people who say you must have something tall in a room.

 +I know Alison loves to do custom furniture and I swear that this must be custom. And it is amazing.

 +simple, easy, effortless

 +I will admit. At first glance, I thought this was boring. Now I just think it is perfection. 
So serene and unfussy.

 +clean lines

+adore the symmetry of this little nook

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