A Kitchen.

Happy end of the week y'all. Not gonna lie it was a doozy. I went into the week so extremely relaxed and rejuvenated and am heading out of it winded and ready for a cocktail. One of those. I've been in a bit of a blogger slump, unclear on what I want to focus on, more tempted to curl up on the sofa with an Elle Decor than gather my thoughts at my kitchen table. I'm a bit bored of blogs right now, I admit. They are all the same these days, and I'm feeling it. B O R I N G. And I don't want mine to be boring too. But I was pounding away at the gym tonight and had several revelations on that uphill treadmill. I'm in a really good space-things are very clear to me. What I need to do and how to do it, my weaknesses (oh, they are a-plenty), my strengths, what I do and do not want out of all of this, learning that saying 'no' sometimes is certainly the best answer, even if it seems like I should be saying 'yes' to everything. The treadmill is good like that. Lots of answers come when Kanye is rapping away in your ear. 

I just wrapped up work on a kitchen design for a client and thought you pretty littles might like to see it. 


I love it. That industrial white enamel pendant lighting stole my heart. I used two of them over the island on old rusted chains and I am seriously considering just going ahead and buying two for myself for that someday when I get to design my own kitchen (lord have fucking mercy-what a grand day that will be). In love. 

I did decide after this kitchen though that the next kitchen I tackle I am doing something NOT WHITE. Too many white kitchens out there right now. So, if you're up for the challenge, hit me up: therusticmodern@gmail.com. I will snazz your kitchen right up, no white cabinets allowed. 


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