A Smattering.

Was dropping photos into folders and organizing my desktop when I couldn't help but stop and gaze at each of the images I had saved. Sure, I could hold onto them for a few weeks until I have an organized blog post all set and ready. Or I could just throw them all at you now, in all of their randomness. Yah, why not. That's kind of how I'm feeling this week anyway. 

 This week I am loving clean, simple design. No clutter. No styling. 

 This reminds me of this post. All you really need-a foggy morning, a cozy sweater, a deck and your love. 

 If someone can please throw me a bone and tell what this ridiculously perfect purse is I will kiss you. 

 Rustic perfection.

 A good and constant reminder to myself to enjoy the moment, and stop worrying about what's next. 

 Reminds me so much of New Orleans. A sweaty, rainy summer day. 

 Love both of these in totally different and random ways. 

I can't. The tile. The grout. Those floors. So. Stunning. My god. 


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