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Another weekend come and gone. Such a lovely, lovely weekend, really. We headed up north with a car chock full of friends and babies to housewarm the sweetest little home perched up on a hill in Inverness. It was all open space and windows and fresh air. Oysters on the grill, bottles of rose in huge ice buckets, lazy afternoon conversations with neighbors. It makes me smile to see friends I have known through some very hard times find their home, and their happiness. 

And now I am sitting on my sofa, a cold glass of wine on the table, a whole chicken roasting in the oven and a delicious farro salad from this gem of a cookbook waiting to be dressed. Going through my desktop clutter. De-cluttering. I am all, all about simplifying these days. Bare bones. Sparseness. Having only what you need.

Beautiful decay.

 All black everything. The most perfect. This is what I'm aiming for in my current uniform. Black. Gold. Totally chic. That menswear belt is killing it. 

 For the someday dream cabin.

Being 'in the country' this weekend made me so hungry for doors that can be flung wide open, and windows with no dressings, nothing to hide from the nosy neighbors across the stairwell. 

For the symmetry and simplicity of it all. I totally adore this. 

Gah. Heaven.

Doesn't this just look like the best possible scenario? I am dying for a vacation. Dying.

This image reminds that this is all you really need. Someone to leave the porch light on for you. 

 I'm not one for super modernist structures but something about this strikes a chord with me. It is so spot on in that setting.

 Remain Simple (btw. best tumblr out there. she's something ridiculous like 16, and she is gonna sick things in her life)
Having my friend in town last weekend made me filled to the brim with renewed homesickness for my dear New Orleans. I have been longing for it ever since. This house reminds me so much of the homes there. It really is the dream. 

Bleh to the carpet. Yeh to the rest.


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