Happy Almost Weekend {You Can't Come Soon Enough}.

My dream New Orleans bedroom. This is pretty much exactly how I picture my future.

Happy happy that today is Friday. I have had a crazy ass two weeks. And I have decided that Fridays from here on out are going to be a day to think of one thing I am terribly grateful for. Because there really are a lot of them. I just lose sight of them in the hullabaloo sometimes. It has been an oddly emotional week for me and I want to spend the next few days hanging out with my two favorites and numbing myself to the world. Some days it feels as if the big G himself is laughing at me from up there, for all of the years I gave him the middle finger from my fathers church pews. Still working real hard on that grace part.

But today I am going to put all of that behind me, or to the side, out of my brain. And be grateful for just one thing: the delight of opening my email every morning and seeing inquiries and proposal requests for design projects. I have several new e-design clients and a handful of Tastemaker projects coming due this next month and the sheer excitement of designing for people has not worn off one bit.
Hey! You people out there who read this blog and then decide you want me to decorate your house? You are the best! 

Have great weekends dahlings. 


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