I Got A Kindle, and Other Exciting Life Stories.

Wait, I know you are going to laugh at me for being so pleased with my new purchase that everyone else has had for years. But if you could have seen how delighted I was when I opened my mailbox to see the little flat black box containing my Kindle you would have no choice but to also be filled with glee. 

Remember? I used to be a huge reader. My mother read to me every single night (well, probably not really every single night but in my certainly convoluted memory it was every single night) growing up. I actually remember her reading to me when I didn't feel well or was heart-broken much later in life. It is one of my fondest memories of my mom and I. I wrote about wanting to become a big reader awhile back but, honestly, it didn't really stick. I ended up having quite a busy and life-changing year. I got a bunch of design work, I changed careers and jobs, I got married, I became obsessed with online infertility forums, and blogging...don't even get me started on how much blogging will take you away from the actual written word. The amount of time I spend online looking for inspiration, images, whatever, is ridiculous. 

But I am entering into a different phase now, I can feel it. I have settled down a bit. I am much more content to NOT be running myself into the ground. Some of my goals for this year are all about being a better homebody. Cooking, making babies, getting a puppy. Returning to my voracious reader days is right up there on that list. 

Justin is on the brink of a restaurant opening in the next two weeks. If you aren't familiar with the restaurant industry this basically means that I won't be seeing my husband for a few months. Zero days off. I'm dreading it a little bit mostly because I know he is going to be tired to the bone and have not much left for me at the end of those very long days. But it seemed like the perfect time to figure reading back into the schedule. So with a lovely Amazon birthday gift certificate I bought myself a Kindle. Instant gratification. I already have a list a mile long of recommendations and things I can't wait to start.  The new Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling is downloaded and ready. 
I am very, very excited. 

Now that I have you guys on the edge of your seats with that thrilling news...I'll fill you in on the rest of my weekend. Friday night I went to a lovely birthday dinner with my girls at Park Tavern. It is a rare occasion to get the four of us at one table these days and I was pretty obsessed with every moment. Times are changing and I know that those occasions are about to become even more rare so I am grateful for those few hours to catch up on life and drink wine. 

Saturday we headed out to Antioch, where I will recommend you never head out to for any reason other than to pick up a very cute puppy, or to give yourself a quick attitude adjustment about how great your life really is. It was hotter than Hades and super depressing. Apologies if any of you readers live in Antioch and think it's the bees knees. Good on you. But it certainly is not. The animal shelter had me on the verge of tears as those things do. And our sweet little Tiffany Rooney had been adopted mere hours before (damn that wine headache that kept me in bed the extra hour). Her adorable sister Bones had not been adopted hours before though so we hopped in the car to go swoop her up from her fancy pants PetSmart showing. 

She was so cute sitting there in her cage at the entrance. Until I took her out and the biting began. I am a serious dog lover folks. Like, obsessed. But little Bones Rooney had something evil in her and I couldn't shake it. She bit the s*&t out of my arm, my sweatshirt, my hands. If I felt like it was something we could train out of her I would have probably still given her a shot. I just couldn't shake the feeling that she was just, well, mean. It took me all of two minutes to put her back in her cage and walk out, empty handed. Both super sad to be heading home puppy-less especially after a morning that started with us finding out, yet again, that my uterus remains empty. 

What is a girl to do but go drink some margaritas, eat some tacos and then get on the couch with her dog, this month's design magazines and some Scandal? Which is precisely how I spent the rest of the weekend.

And since you probably want at least one pretty thing to look at today, here you go:



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