Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Tables.

In my spare time, when I haven't been at the design center or obsessively trying to find spoilers for The Bachelorette (I honestly cannot handle the suspense-Brooks, what the hells bells is going to happen with you?) I have been busy sourcing for an e-design client in Southern California. She has an open concept living and dining and I am having so much fun putting together her space. After working on a plan and starting to envision her living room I knew that I wanted to use a reclaimed wood cocktail table. And, wow, I found some gems out there in the design world! I've been a little over the reclaimed wood shiz but I am feeling these tables, especially in an interior that is a little more clean and modern. 

My top four: 

Numero uno, perfectly undone and simple.
The detailing in the top here is the stunner.

So different than anything else out there right now, really has a completely original feel.

For client's who are a bit eclectic and artsy, a total statement piece.


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