Saturday Stunner.

So. It's my last Saturday of being 34. Don't ask me how I'm feeling about this momentous occasion. It's not all positive. Standing here on the brink of 35 and I'm already flipping it the bird. 

Let's just say that I really want this for my birthday: 

Instead I will be treating myself to a procedure to check my tubes.

At the totally reasonable price of 2000$. 
Middle fingers all around. 
But I am spending the day today with some of my very favorite people and I plan on making this final Saturday of being in my early thirties as love-filled as possible. So many changes swirling around I just want to take a day to be grateful for my life, because I am very very blessed indeed. Two people were shot and killed a block away from where I work yesterday. I was rushed out of the bank so that they could lock the doors to the shooter who was on the street. My heart skipped a few beats, but then it resumed it's normal activity. And two people's hearts did not. 

So lucky to get to wake up today and see the sun, and have a coffee, and snuggle in bed with my family. Hope you are all doing the same. 


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