The Perfect Bachelor Pad: Jute Home.

Well. Hey there. The computer is back up and running and I am back up and running. Had the most delightful of weekends with an old and very dear friend from New Orleans. I hadn't seen her in almost four years and I was slightly anxious that there would be space between us. But the moment she stepped out of the airport it was like no time had passed and we spent the next four days laughing, eating, drinking and climbing urban hills. At this stage in my life I have such gratitude for these lovelies. 

We spent most of yesterday recovering and lounging around watching The Good Wife. Now a new fresh week ahead. I have been going to acupuncture for my infertility and Monday nights I come home  blissed out and relaxed. Rather than take advantage of it by trying to cram work in I've been doing what feels best and rolling with it. Relaxing. Even if it doesn't help us make a baby I highly recommend it anyway. Awesome. 

I was perusing the web today and went over to check in on my old hood, Jute Home. Alison is extremely talented and I love seeing whatever she is doing next. Always such a level of perfection and attention to detail. I had seen this project before and felt kind of meh about it. But I saw it through some new eyes today. The kind of eyes that get your blood pumping with excitement about design, and about people who are doing things differently. Now I can't stop staring. 

I am virtually obsessed with the neutral palate and focus on texture rather than the use of big, playful patterns that seems to be so in vogue right now. So clean and restrained. It manages to be soothing yet chic and modern. I am almost positive that it's a bachelor pad and really, who wouldn't be tickled pink to come over for a second date dinner in this place? 

 +the consistent use of tone on tone
+oh, and the light makes my heart flutter

 +Love the height of everything in here, all low, this is a very original thing here. Pshh those people who say you must have something tall in a room.

 +I know Alison loves to do custom furniture and I swear that this must be custom. And it is amazing.

 +simple, easy, effortless

 +I will admit. At first glance, I thought this was boring. Now I just think it is perfection. 
So serene and unfussy.

 +clean lines

+adore the symmetry of this little nook


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