Wait, Seriously: Emmanuelle Alt.

Massive huge humongous girl crush here. I spotted a picture of a haircut weeks ago and immediately got on the texting to my hair man asking if I could sport the look. He responded with a quick "Yes!" and I am going in next week. It prompted me to do a Google search on the stunning cut in question and I landed in a whole new-to-me world of fashion icon. 

Emmanuelle Alt is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and if I occasionally dug my nose into something other than Elle Decor I would have probably known this a bazillion ages ago like the rest of you. Her style is flawless and nailing to a tee the minimalist chic look I have been drawn to both in fashion and interiors as of late. I am so over the patterned fussiness right now. All of the neon and polka dots and fluff. It's cute for a minute and I briefly consider embracing the trends. Then I step away and realize that that is just not me. At the end of a day, I crave simplicity. So, whatever. I'm stocking up on skinnies, black sweaters and a pointy heel for the rest of my life. Oh, and blue button downs. 


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