From the Desktop.

Need to make some space on my desktop. Here you go. 

 There are really no words for this. I'd never stop in a million for those chairs but with that ridic lucite desk we are in a state of perfection here. 

 Pretty cute.

 Not crazy about the whole thing but those tiles have become a burning desire for the grown up house. 

 Just lovely styling.

 My kids are going to hate me for making them share a room for the sole reason that two twins beds in one space is just about the best look around. 

 Feminine in just the right way. That black and white cow photograph? Killing it with the soft pink.

 Want. Obvs.




Just finished up a Tastemaker client. Her and her man live in a wee apartment in New York City. They wanted something very clean, simple and modern with a splash of color. I'm so excited to see how it all comes together after they purchase. 



Let me just say that I am obsessed with Nantucket. Ever been? My college boyfriend had six siblings, all brothers, two of whom had houses on Nantucket (um. I know.). We spent some weekends kicking it with the fam at those houses, and using them with friends on others. He ended up being a dud but those houses, those houses were not duds. 

Nantucket is a magical little gem of a place. Cobblestone streets, white fences, grey shingled houses. There is something really other worldly about it. Definitely on my list of favorite places in the world and a bucket list place to return to for me. The interiors that I love the most on the island all fall into that East Coast, blue blood, classy-or-die beachy category. The opposite of shabby chic. 

 Ascher Davis Architects via Elle Decor

 Kopelman house via Arch Digest

Do you die over these barstools? Die.

Ascher Davis Architects via Elle Decor


Project Bly: A Globally Inspired House.

I spent the majority of my twenties traveling heavily. I went to graduate school for my Masters in International Public Health and I couldn't wait to get out there into the world and do work. I, of course, later learned that my passion wasn't so much for the work, but for the travel and as soon as I got out of school off I went. Aside from a brief week long jaunt in Paris in high school the very first place I went to out of the country was The Gambia, West Africa. 

What what. Talk about a mind bending experience. If you have never been, you will have no idea how mind bending. If you have, ahem. Wow, right? I will never forget waking up on a bus, foggy and disoriented from days of airplane travel, and looking out the window to see huts and the grasses of what was surely another planet. I lived in the back room of a medical clinic for an entire summer, working and trying to figure out how to exist in a developing country. It was the single most challenging and most amazing journey I have ever been on. 

I brought back a backpack full of gorgeous antique masks and textiles, some of which hang in my house today. I should have known even then that my love for design outweighed all else. I love having them around. They remind me of who I was, who I am and where I've been. And they keep it interesting.

So when I stumbled upon Project Bly I was rather smitten. A stunning collection of global wares. If you can't make it to Ghana, or Bolivia, or India you have no excuse for not spicing it up a little bit around the abode with these collected items. 

1 | Lattice Frame *don't buy this, I want it! or buy it for me if you must!

Another one bites the dust. whhhheeee. Sorry for my absence this week. I've been trying to get caught up on life. I finally bought our tickets to New Orleans (!) in October and, although we can't spend the entire week because of work, we will get a full four days in. Which means we get to spoil ourselves and stay at Soniat House. And eat very large and expensive dinners every night. Counting down the minutes. 

I am also finally sending some wedding photos to my mama. What? It's only been almost a year. I will tell you, I used to be very on top of things. That is a slippery slope these days. Looking at the photos brings me back, and really makes me miss my husband who I kiss goodbye in the morning and mumble hello to from bed when he comes home at night. Really looking forward to this phase of our life being done. Dying for a date night. Can't wait to put on some heels and have drinks with him tonight. 

It's Friday. What am I grateful for today? Hmm. I'm grateful that I had the chance in life to live right downstairs from one of my dearest friends. Times have changed as we have all gotten busier and changed directions but I remember so many Sunday nights drinking and cooking dinner. Holidays spent together and babysitting and backyard wine sessions. They are moving to Seattle next weekend and I can't even write that without tears welling up. But I am eternally grateful to have had the times we have had as neighbors. Not everyone gets that chance, and not everyone has a good time of it if they do. 
But we sure did. 

Have a great weekend. Get some sun. Enjoy the last few days of summer. 


Pack Me Up and Move Me In 2.0.

Not to be boring and talk about the weather but, really, San Francisco is such an odd one. The August fog has been right on track this year and I have come home from work most nights to winter-like conditions in our neighborhood-to be expected. This weekend there was a slight hint of fall in the air though and I found myself getting excited-my very favorite season. I started dreaming about sweaters and crisp, chill air. Football, hearty dinners, beer. And then I snapped back to reality. I've been wearing sweaters for months. My puffy is a regular grab on my nightly walks with Ponyboy. And in September and October, when the rest of the country gathers firewood and picks apples, I will be reaching for shorts and tank tops. 

The New Englander in me is still alive and kicking though and something deep inside me still stirs with excitement at the thought of cozy fall nights. I saw this house tour and couldn't help but think that it is just the most perfect house for those nights. 

+herringbone wood ceilings-huh? heaven.

 +muted soft color palate throughout

 +black trim creates interest

 +monotone but luxurious

 +stunning tile

 +a shot of green

 +the most perfect television lounge for watching my Saints

 +the carved armoire

 +impossibly warm and cozy

all images via


Words for the Week.

How was everyone's weekend? We hung out with friends, drank tequila and then did some good solid lounging last night. I stumbled upon Yummy Dumpling last weekend so we popped in and brought home about a million dumplings for dinner. There is something so satisfying about little pockets filled with goodness on a Sunday night while trashing it out with both the Kardashians AND the housewives of Jersey. Hell yes.

I've got a little collection of quotes on my desktop right now so what better way to get the week started than with some words of wisdom? 


Oh, hey Friday.

I mean, I'm just going to stop saying the same thing at the end of every week. We're busy. Enough. I'm looking forward to a huge Mexican fiesta with friends tomorrow night. Can't wait to pop a straw in a margarita, or eight. 

I said a few weeks back that Fridays were going to be all about gratitude from here on out. And then I forgot. So today I am grateful for my husband, who is the hardest worker I have ever known. Lately busting through some of the longest days, longest weeks with not one complaint. He inspires me to work at what I love, and to do it with integrity. He's the best man I have ever known and I am fiercely proud of him. 

What are you grateful for at the end of this week? 
And I mean that in the least hippie way possible. 


For the Babes.

I'm still not pregnant. Feeling particularly hopeless this time around. And also massively in love with Jimmy Fallon for his statement here about the struggles of infertility. Love him for that. Like, seriously.  I'd like to buy him and Nancy some baby gifts, or maybe help decorate their nursery, to celebrate the fuck out of that sweet little Winnie. Because they deserve it. For the 60 times that they had to wipe the slate clean and start again, over and over, with the same result. That, my friends, is a lot of times to pull it together and push on. A lot. 

I'm not pregnant. For the 13th time. But it doesn't stop me from pulling ideas of how we will decorate our own nursery, and collecting sweet little bits and bobs for the day we finally get to bring a babe home with us. And in the meantime, I am blessed beyond belief to have friends who have wee ones in their bellies to give beautiful gifts to. 

eight | owl mobile


Bespoke Cabinetry.

I don't know what has gotten into me these past few weeks but I am just tumbling through days and popping up for air when I can. There have been some lovely shining moments with friends and family and wine. But my weeks lately have really been filled with work. The good work, and I am so grateful. I got a promotion last week at my design job and I've been signing new clients with happy frequency. It's great, but it also makes me realize that as much as I want to be successful I also want to take three weeks, sit on the beach and read. Just trying to wrap my head around both. 

I stumbled upon Plain English the other day via Pinterest and I've officially decided that there can be no one else to do the cabinetry in my dream kitchen. They may be a pond away but their work is seriously stunning and I'd gladly pay their way across the seas to come build me some beauties. 

"We don't like gadgets and plastic bits. Most of our drawers run on candlewaxed wooden runners. Our shelf pegs are hand turned for us by a small company that makes wooden nails. Our baskets are hand woven for us in Suffolk from willow grown along the banks of the river box."

And on and on. Be still my beating heart. There is nothing that I love more than crafted furnishings done in a way that has been handed down through the generations. 

 all images via 
Plain English



I have been a busy bee with work. No lie. Having the time of my life. I just finished up a living | dining | entry area for a client in Southern California. Are you ready for a little moodboard action? 



The Grown Up House.

I started a new board on Pinterest called The Grown Up House. As we get closer to the date we may actually leave this city and land in a place where we can purchase a home for something less than one million dollars cash, I find myself starting to pull design inspiration for said home. Until now all of my furniture and design decisions have been rather flighty. Living in an apartment where you can't change anything permanently restricts your creativity immeasurably and most of my purchases are things I love but that don't necessarily figure into any sort of cohesive idea of what our actual home would look like. 

This past year has been a massive time of learning for me-about interior design, about the business of design and about what it takes to design an entire house, room by room. It is an overwhelming notion, this. And also a complete fucking dream #whoamikidding. I spend a lot of time designing for other people which is great in it's own way. But designing for yourself is entirely different. So many options. So many ways to go. In an attempt to corral my internal vision board I've been happily (and discriminatorily) pinning away. Nothing but things I am truly inspired by FOR MYSELF make it onto the board. And they have to be images that I feel we could accomplish with our budget and our lifestyle. 

Ie-this is flipping gorgeous:

But will our house look like this? Probably not.

Below are some of the images that have made it to the board so far. 


Currently Coveting: Noir

Obsession territory. 

Noir Furniture. I would seriously buy every single thing they make. Some of my very favorites.


A Trip to New Orleans {Home Sweet Home}

You guys. These are the kind of the things that happen when you are planning a trip to New Orleans, the place where your heart lives. You log on to Airbnb to try and find a dreamy little hideaway for you and your love to rest your heads. Hopefully it has a brick courtyard, and is a shotgun. Maybe there is some bougainvillea and big, huge banana ferns shading the windows. And you scroll through many many pages of dreary burgundy rooms, some of them in Kenner, which why would you ever want to stay in KENNER?, most of them too impossibly ugly to ever even want to imagine your vacation in. And then you stumble upon the one cute place for rent in the entire city of New Orleans and you click on it and are greeted by the face of an old friend who, of course, owns it and you send him a message saying 'hello!' and then by the time you have finished your chat and your coffee you have the perfect house to stay in. That's what happens when you decide to go home after too many years spent away, on an entirely different coast, living an entirely different life.

The visit from my dear friend sent me catapulting towards the city that I love. We are, fingers crossed and work schedules allowing, going to spend one week walking the streets and eating and drinking and dancing to cajun music in October. There are bayou excursions planned and birthday dinners in the works and new babies that are actually not so new anymore to see. It has now been almost 4 years since I have been back and Justin has never been. I can't wait to share with him my favorite little corner of the world. 

I've also been reading Stealing Magnolias, which has become my favorite way to fall asleep at night. I pick it up from my nightstand like it is a wee treasure. I read a chapter and then lay my head down, visions of Mardi Gras beads, wrought iron balconies and hot summer nights setting my mind at ease. It's magic, this book. A love letter to New Orleans. It has become one of my biggest dreams to own a home there one day. It's on my bucket list and I have to say, the older I get, the more I realize that if you want things to happen, you have to make them happen. And I wouldn't mind working real hard to make a house like this happen. Despite the fact that isn't my usual mix up, it is literally the perfect home for New Orleans and exactly the kind of place I would love to live in there. 

 PS. How was everyone's weekend? Mine was productive and not thrilling in the least but I finished up so much work that needed to get done I'm ok with it. That being said-it's Monday and I already can't wait until Friday. So. There's that.

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