Another one bites the dust. whhhheeee. Sorry for my absence this week. I've been trying to get caught up on life. I finally bought our tickets to New Orleans (!) in October and, although we can't spend the entire week because of work, we will get a full four days in. Which means we get to spoil ourselves and stay at Soniat House. And eat very large and expensive dinners every night. Counting down the minutes. 

I am also finally sending some wedding photos to my mama. What? It's only been almost a year. I will tell you, I used to be very on top of things. That is a slippery slope these days. Looking at the photos brings me back, and really makes me miss my husband who I kiss goodbye in the morning and mumble hello to from bed when he comes home at night. Really looking forward to this phase of our life being done. Dying for a date night. Can't wait to put on some heels and have drinks with him tonight. 

It's Friday. What am I grateful for today? Hmm. I'm grateful that I had the chance in life to live right downstairs from one of my dearest friends. Times have changed as we have all gotten busier and changed directions but I remember so many Sunday nights drinking and cooking dinner. Holidays spent together and babysitting and backyard wine sessions. They are moving to Seattle next weekend and I can't even write that without tears welling up. But I am eternally grateful to have had the times we have had as neighbors. Not everyone gets that chance, and not everyone has a good time of it if they do. 
But we sure did. 

Have a great weekend. Get some sun. Enjoy the last few days of summer. 


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