For the Babes.

I'm still not pregnant. Feeling particularly hopeless this time around. And also massively in love with Jimmy Fallon for his statement here about the struggles of infertility. Love him for that. Like, seriously.  I'd like to buy him and Nancy some baby gifts, or maybe help decorate their nursery, to celebrate the fuck out of that sweet little Winnie. Because they deserve it. For the 60 times that they had to wipe the slate clean and start again, over and over, with the same result. That, my friends, is a lot of times to pull it together and push on. A lot. 

I'm not pregnant. For the 13th time. But it doesn't stop me from pulling ideas of how we will decorate our own nursery, and collecting sweet little bits and bobs for the day we finally get to bring a babe home with us. And in the meantime, I am blessed beyond belief to have friends who have wee ones in their bellies to give beautiful gifts to. 

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