Let me just say that I am obsessed with Nantucket. Ever been? My college boyfriend had six siblings, all brothers, two of whom had houses on Nantucket (um. I know.). We spent some weekends kicking it with the fam at those houses, and using them with friends on others. He ended up being a dud but those houses, those houses were not duds. 

Nantucket is a magical little gem of a place. Cobblestone streets, white fences, grey shingled houses. There is something really other worldly about it. Definitely on my list of favorite places in the world and a bucket list place to return to for me. The interiors that I love the most on the island all fall into that East Coast, blue blood, classy-or-die beachy category. The opposite of shabby chic. 

 Ascher Davis Architects via Elle Decor

 Kopelman house via Arch Digest

Do you die over these barstools? Die.

Ascher Davis Architects via Elle Decor


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