Pack Me Up and Move Me In 2.0.

Not to be boring and talk about the weather but, really, San Francisco is such an odd one. The August fog has been right on track this year and I have come home from work most nights to winter-like conditions in our neighborhood-to be expected. This weekend there was a slight hint of fall in the air though and I found myself getting excited-my very favorite season. I started dreaming about sweaters and crisp, chill air. Football, hearty dinners, beer. And then I snapped back to reality. I've been wearing sweaters for months. My puffy is a regular grab on my nightly walks with Ponyboy. And in September and October, when the rest of the country gathers firewood and picks apples, I will be reaching for shorts and tank tops. 

The New Englander in me is still alive and kicking though and something deep inside me still stirs with excitement at the thought of cozy fall nights. I saw this house tour and couldn't help but think that it is just the most perfect house for those nights. 

+herringbone wood ceilings-huh? heaven.

 +muted soft color palate throughout

 +black trim creates interest

 +monotone but luxurious

 +stunning tile

 +a shot of green

 +the most perfect television lounge for watching my Saints

 +the carved armoire

 +impossibly warm and cozy

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