Project Bly: A Globally Inspired House.

I spent the majority of my twenties traveling heavily. I went to graduate school for my Masters in International Public Health and I couldn't wait to get out there into the world and do work. I, of course, later learned that my passion wasn't so much for the work, but for the travel and as soon as I got out of school off I went. Aside from a brief week long jaunt in Paris in high school the very first place I went to out of the country was The Gambia, West Africa. 

What what. Talk about a mind bending experience. If you have never been, you will have no idea how mind bending. If you have, ahem. Wow, right? I will never forget waking up on a bus, foggy and disoriented from days of airplane travel, and looking out the window to see huts and the grasses of what was surely another planet. I lived in the back room of a medical clinic for an entire summer, working and trying to figure out how to exist in a developing country. It was the single most challenging and most amazing journey I have ever been on. 

I brought back a backpack full of gorgeous antique masks and textiles, some of which hang in my house today. I should have known even then that my love for design outweighed all else. I love having them around. They remind me of who I was, who I am and where I've been. And they keep it interesting.

So when I stumbled upon Project Bly I was rather smitten. A stunning collection of global wares. If you can't make it to Ghana, or Bolivia, or India you have no excuse for not spicing it up a little bit around the abode with these collected items. 

1 | Lattice Frame *don't buy this, I want it! or buy it for me if you must!


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