The Grown Up House.

I started a new board on Pinterest called The Grown Up House. As we get closer to the date we may actually leave this city and land in a place where we can purchase a home for something less than one million dollars cash, I find myself starting to pull design inspiration for said home. Until now all of my furniture and design decisions have been rather flighty. Living in an apartment where you can't change anything permanently restricts your creativity immeasurably and most of my purchases are things I love but that don't necessarily figure into any sort of cohesive idea of what our actual home would look like. 

This past year has been a massive time of learning for me-about interior design, about the business of design and about what it takes to design an entire house, room by room. It is an overwhelming notion, this. And also a complete fucking dream #whoamikidding. I spend a lot of time designing for other people which is great in it's own way. But designing for yourself is entirely different. So many options. So many ways to go. In an attempt to corral my internal vision board I've been happily (and discriminatorily) pinning away. Nothing but things I am truly inspired by FOR MYSELF make it onto the board. And they have to be images that I feel we could accomplish with our budget and our lifestyle. 

Ie-this is flipping gorgeous:

But will our house look like this? Probably not.

Below are some of the images that have made it to the board so far. 

Follow along as I start the daunting and exciting journey of designing our not-yet-ours future home.

Obvi, we probably will not have architecture like this. But the bed, rug and wicker animal head are exactly the direction I see for the bedroom.

Told you-no more white kitchens. I love the feel of this. I wouldn't do those countertops but I have long loved a painted cabinet and this is perfection.

 Jen Pinkston's living room via Style Me Pretty
Ooh. I saw this this weekend and have been dreaming of it ever since. Our future home will most likely have a family room and a living room. This coziness is what I'd like the family room to feel like. Plus, I am in love with those wall mounted candles. Dying for the source. Anyone? 

 Ellen and Portia via Elle Decor (duh)
I am clearly and definitely back in the neutral bed territory. Simple bedding with some rad (and expensive) blanket. I also totally dig those spindle lamps.

I don't like anything in this room really but the overall feel and I like the idea of doing a vaulted ceiling with beams. We have seen a few houses with these and I think it is so lovely for a bedroom.

Neutral bedding, ethnic print and a bomb antique chest. Love the whole thing.


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