On To The Next One.

I've been debating this post for awhile. And putting it off mostly because I didn't have time to think about it. But it's Saturday morning and I have the luxury of being wrapped up in covers with my crew, enjoying a cool fall morning and, before I dive into a day filled with wrapping up one design project and starting a new one, I DO have the time. 

I believe that this will be my final post here at The Rustic Modernist. I have been craving a more simple format the past few months. I find myself more drawn to Tumblr's these days and that is very much the direction I want to take whatever it is I'm doing online. My life feels cluttered right now with constant lists of different ends to tie up, which I am eternally grateful for. But it means that when I check in over here, I'd like it to feel simple and clean. I'm feeling very visually driven right now and I'd like my blog to reflect that. 

This blog has been the most amazing jumping point in my life. It was the catalyst for my entire design career. Posting here made me focus and, oddly, made me a much braver, more confident woman. It has given me opportunities that I never could have imagined two years ago and it will always be my baby. And now I'm ready to move on. 

From now on you can find me here, on my tumblr (www.therusticmodernist.tumblr.com). I haven't ironed out the kinks yet and she's not that pretty right now but I hope that it will become a beautiful visual journal very soon. I am so excited to begin the next phase of my life, and I'd love to have you along for the ride. 



Life lately, and a bungalow.

Swept away by work and Autocad. That's about the only excuse I can give you and it is one hundred percent honest. All of that talk about grace and patience and wada? Straight out the door. Like, faster than you could blink. There has been no working out, no cooking, no weekend sojourn's to wine country. We have been all about the work up in this little apartment. And it's ok. Even great. I love that design work has been pouring in. If it were up to me I would sit with my head buried in fabric and my computer all day long. But I have a husband and a dog, and trying really hard to add a baby in that mix isn't any easier when you are stressed out about getting blog posts up. So, my blog baby has been completely and utterly pushed aside while I try to manage all of the other balls I'm juggling. Many apologies. Until this CAD class is done I'm going to go ahead and say that my posting here is going to be intermittent at best. At best. 

So? How are you guys? I have truly missed you! Things around here are pretty status quo. Enjoying our late summer in the city. Also enjoying the crisp fall air that rolls in around dusk. Makes for great snuggle weather with my favorite furry sweet. One of my dearest moved to Seattle a few weeks back which means life has been tinged with a little sadness lately. But the wedding of another is this weekend which just fills me with pure happiness. There is nothing better than seeing your friends find bliss. 

I'm off to spend my Sunday with my boys, watching football (who dat?!) and enjoying some down time. My stack of design magazines is out of control and I'm going to get on my couch with a fat cup of coffee and plunge in. 

I just finished some work for a family in Berkeley. A cute little bungalow. I'm pretty obsessed. 

I might want to move in. Really.

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