Design Services

Interested in having me help you out with your design problems? I got you, don't worry. 

Design services range from entire home in-person consulting to long-distance eDesign packages. In every situation a questionnaire will be emailed as the first step to make sure we are on the same page, followed by a discussion of available packages and options. Then, I am all yours (well, not all, but a lot of me, for awhile). 

Contact me:
Or if you're feeling really lazy, just comment and I'll hit you up. 

What is an eDesign package? 
If you're local I'll come to your space, measure it all up, take notes, photos, spirit readings, you name it. Then I will cruise on to local design stores and home to my computer to put together the best room possible for your needs. A beautiful packet will then be emailed to you with photos, mood boards, color palettes, layout options and links to where you can purchase all of the lovely items I have found. If you're not local (pity) you'll be in charge of providing me with all of the information I need to give you a great room. Fee structure is based around room size and the extent of work you want done. This is a great option for those of you who want a dope house but don't have the cash money to spend all at once (or to spend on a high-priced designer who marks up your furniture before selling it to you). 

Please see my portfolio for design work.

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